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French Bulldog Puppies

up-dated April 4, 2019


Please check back soon for up-dates about future litters/puppies


*If you place a deposit in advance please note that we cannot guarantee conception and therefor if you place a deposit it may be applied to the next available litter

 *Due to high demand our deposits are non-refundable however can be used toward a future puppy of your choice



Call Today as they sell out quickly!



2019 Pricing: $3500-  (all standard colors boy or girl unless noted otherwise) 





Meet the Dads (Sires):

Sire  Porky Pig, a Best Blood born french bulldog from a very reputable bloodline that originated in Canada. Porky is a compact and muscular boy. He looks really tough, but he is truly the sweetest boy with such a bigger than life personality. Everyone that meets this boy falls in love instantly!


sire ZULU 

A champion sired male that ranks high with AKC. Zulu is a quirky, silly, talkative boy that is always entertaining us. He is a petite boy at 22 lbs but has that nice build that allows for ease of movement. His father is currently ranked #6 in the US and continues to impress with his beautiful pups




We require a puppy questionnaire and a deposit of $500- to guarantee your puppy.

PRICE: $3500-

Deposit Required to Reserve $500- (non-refundable)

Call me today for pictures, videos and more information



 The video below is "Spotty", now belongs to Julie in Seattle


We are proud to now own “Blue” and “Chocolate” carriers in our extended French bulldog blood line. We were fortunate to work with a breeder who has spent many years refining his colors and breeding process to obtain these unusual colors. All of our puppies will be exceptional in, quality, health and personality and hopefully color!

These colors are RARE and very popular so they will be priced accordingly.  We are now accepting deposits, please contact me for more information

Please contact me if you are looking for a healthy, happy, beautiful French bulldog



 $3,500 (White, Fawn, Brindle)

Deposit $500- non-refundable

Price Includes:

AKC Registration/limited

Health Guarantee

Health Records

Puppy Guide Book

Starter Bag of Royal Canin puppy food

Our support to you for Pups lifetime


If you are considering a French Bulldog Puppy, Our French Bulldogs are truly amazing!
Our Frenchies spend most of their time playing on our small acreage. They get along extremely well with our other pets and are the most loving and adorable companions. French bulldogs love to play but truly enjoy spending quality time with the people they love. If you are looking for a beautiful dog that is full of so much joy, please read more about this breed to see if frenchies are a good fit for you and your lifestyle.
The French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog. “Frenchies” were bred in the 1800s by lace makers first in England then in France when displaced by the Industrial Revolution. Frenchies are playful and affectionate.
Life span: 10 to 12 years
Temperament: Lively, Playful, Athletic, Alert, Easygoing, Bright, Keen, Patient, Affectionate, Sociable
Colors: Brindle & White, Fawn, Brindle, Cream, Tan, Black Brindle, White
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Jaclyn Emerick-New York City

I met my now husband, Scott, three years ago, and about a year into our relationship we started the search for our dogter, Chandler. We live in New York City, but weren't getting good vibes from any of the East Coast breeders we communicated with. Scott's parents have a home in Bend, OR, and are huge animal lovers, and his mom, Cathie, jumped at the chance to help us find our perfect breeder. When someone mentioned Maia to her, Cathie immediately called her to learn more. Cathie even went to see her facility. It was comforting to know that Maia was so accessible and straightforward with her potential customers. As soon as we placed a deposit on a litter, Maia sent us a card and a book on how to raise a puppy. She kept us completely informed on Kaya's (Chandler's mom) pregnancy progress and answered our check-in emails almost immediately. When our pup, Chandler, was born, she sent multiple photos and updates on her development and personality. We got videos of her opening her eyes for the first time, her learning how to walk, and her completely buried in the food bowl. Scott's family went to visit Cahndler when she was four weeks old and they Facetimed us and sent videos and photos of our chunky girl. We weren't able to pick Chandler up until she was eight weeks old, but by then, thanks to Maia's updates, we felt like we knew her. Scott and I were first-time pup parents, and we certainly had a TON of questions along the way. I texted, emailed, and called Maia often during the first few months of Chandler's life. Some of my questions, I now realize, were ridiculous! Regardless, Maia responded to all of them with her tips and expertise. We just celebrated Chandler's first birthday, and about a month before that, Chandler walked down the aisle wearing a flower collar during our wedding. We are so in love with our Chandler. She is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly healthy, but even better than that, she has the biggest personality. She's incredibly sweet and quirky and has a huge heart. She makes every person she passes on her walks smile. We've had so many people tell us that there's something different about Chandler, something special. Obviously we're biased, but we firmly believe it. Chan is such a social girl, and we want her to have a sibling soon. We know we'll be going to Maia for that without a doubt. We can't thank Maia enough for bringing Chandler into our lives.

Jaclyn Emerick-New York City

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My hubby and his “Lucy” girl
My hubby and his "Lucy" girl