Maia's Mini Supremes is a superior breeding experience and program. Has an excellent facility. All puppies are well cared for.
Maias gives you all the information on how to care for your new puppy when you bring then home.
My Maltese is now 9 years old and is very healthy. I haven't had any health issues with him. Just have the normal checkups, shots and teeth cleaning.
When I'm ready for my next dog, I will come back to Maia's Mini Supremes.
Bentley is smart, loving and easy to train.
Thank you
Maia and Family

Sue Lachey Chehalis, WA

I got my precious Lily from Maia and her family on December 4, 2020. She is the most lovable, playful puppy and such a social butterfly! I can't say enough good things about my experience with Maia. She kept me informed before, during and after me takin custody of my Lily. She's got 5 stars in my books and highly recommend her as a breeder. I look forward to continued relationship with Maia and her beautiful daughter and Lily and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was very much worth the trip! I'm onee happy Lily Momma

Susie Prather

New Mexico

Thank you for nurturing such a beautiful and lovable puppy. Gigi gives us so much pleasure and makes us smile every day. She has a wonderful personality and is smart as a whip. Housebreaking training was a breeze.
Finding a reputable breeder is not an easy task and you surpassed our expectations. We are fortunate that our friends referred us to you.
Many thanks!"
Sheila and Jay Luber
Bend, OR

Jay & Sheila Luber

Bend Oregon

I can't say enough good things about Maia and our little dog. Melanie said most of it in her review! Before we got our Puppy Maia sent us a book about puppies that we read and took to heart. It was so helpful. Our puppy is one of her Shichon and we are absolutely pleased with her. She is friendly to all she meets, smart and does well with our grand daughter. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We love, love, love her... And did I say she was extremely soft and cuddly? I highly recommend Maia and her dogs.

Laura Cooke Tigard, Oregon

I don't know where to begin, she has been a god-sent to us. After looking at different breeders I knew she was the one. What a blessing to have little "Pinky" with us. You won't go wrong with them.

Caliatra McIndoo

Maia and her lovely family drove in the snow to meet me at Belknap Hot Springs. They were friendly and fun, the whole family is a part of the team. In fact she would hardly let me hold little Jax Julanai Kazue because she was SO fond of him.
I interviewed many different breeders and read a book, looked online and spoke to Divine Maltese who helped me with some questions and said I was on the right track by doing my homework about breeders. I talked to around 6 or 7 breeders. I found Maia and she was strict and cared about the welfare of her dogs. She has given me a book with Maia and her passionate love for animals match's my love for animals. Her knowledge and help has helped me be a good Maltese mommy. My 3 Siamese cats are finally coming around, one is his besty so far! I was told not to have Maltese around cats by some breeders lol my cats are more dog like than others.Maia was supportive of me having other pets and said it would be fine.
I made the perfect match, Jax is a smart guy at 9 weeks old already following some commands, getting into his bed and on his blanket. He was the perfect age & we are bonding great. Choose Maia, she is THE BEST and won't let you down, very supportive and kind. A true blessing and new FRIEND.
I waited a LONG time and my prayers were answered. I didn't jump into getting a puppy, I waited and did my homework 🙂

Traci Johnston-Ruiz

I met my now husband, Scott, three years ago, and about a year into our relationship we started the search for our dogter, Chandler. We live in New York City, but weren't getting good vibes from any of the East Coast breeders we communicated with. Scott's parents have a home in Bend, OR, and are huge animal lovers, and his mom, Cathie, jumped at the chance to help us find our perfect breeder. When someone mentioned Maia to her, Cathie immediately called her to learn more. Cathie even went to see her facility. It was comforting to know that Maia was so accessible and straightforward with her potential customers. As soon as we placed a deposit on a litter, Maia sent us a card and a book on how to raise a puppy. She kept us completely informed on Kaya's (Chandler's mom) pregnancy progress and answered our check-in emails almost immediately. When our pup, Chandler, was born, she sent multiple photos and updates on her development and personality. We got videos of her opening her eyes for the first time, her learning how to walk, and her completely buried in the food bowl. Scott's family went to visit Cahndler when she was four weeks old and they Facetimed us and sent videos and photos of our chunky girl. We weren't able to pick Chandler up until she was eight weeks old, but by then, thanks to Maia's updates, we felt like we knew her. Scott and I were first-time pup parents, and we certainly had a TON of questions along the way. I texted, emailed, and called Maia often during the first few months of Chandler's life. Some of my questions, I now realize, were ridiculous! Regardless, Maia responded to all of them with her tips and expertise. We just celebrated Chandler's first birthday, and about a month before that, Chandler walked down the aisle wearing a flower collar during our wedding. We are so in love with our Chandler. She is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly healthy, but even better than that, she has the biggest personality. She's incredibly sweet and quirky and has a huge heart. She makes every person she passes on her walks smile. We've had so many people tell us that there's something different about Chandler, something special. Obviously we're biased, but we firmly believe it. Chan is such a social girl, and we want her to have a sibling soon. We know we'll be going to Maia for that without a doubt. We can't thank Maia enough for bringing Chandler into our lives.

Jaclyn Emerick-New York City

My aunt actually found Maia for me. At first I was thinking I would wait until I found a breeder closer to home. But after talking to Maia on the phone and seeing pictures of the puppies, their parents and the facilities I knew it was right to buy from Maia's Mini Supremes! The biggest reason was when she told me her dogs are only allowed to have a litter every 2 years. This told me Maia puts the dog over the profits and for that I am very grateful. Also, once I made my decision, Maia was great about keeping me updated on my baby girl's life with pictures and emails. This is more than customer service - it shows me that the dogs really matter and Maia and her family really seem to love them all. I could tell it was actually a little bit difficult for them to let her go when the day finally came to pick my girl up. Thank you Maia and family for making all of the right choices. I wish more breeders had your ethics and love of animals.

Harmony C - Vancouver WA

We came across Maia's website online in summer of 2012 when looking for a hypoallergenic puppy for our family. First the thought of driving 3 hours to a breeder we had never met was unsettling, but after speaking with Maia I felt better. We took the long drive to her home, and was very pleased to see the establishment she raises puppy's in. It was clean, and you could tell the puppies were like their family. We purchased a cavachon from her. The paperwork was very detailed, with shot record included. Very impressed by our experience that about a year later when we decided it was time for a friend for our cavachon we knew that we would only buy from Maia again. We just purshased our second puppy from Maia in may 2013. He is a maltese, and again we are so happy with quality of the puppy. We now have two new family members and have met a very nice family that I will be recommending to anyone looking for a new puppy of their own. I wish Maia and her family the best!

Trista Mentzer

Our new baby Zoey is amazing! She is the sweetest puppy(Maltese)! Maia is great! She took so much extra time providing photos as well as making sure my baby had a good start to her socialization requirements. And she took so much time teaching us how to care for our new baby. Thank you again Maia! I think you know how much I appreciate all you've done!
Vancouver, WA Spring 2014

Donna McQueen

Maia's Mini Supremes = Peace of Mind!

From operating an extra clean facility to exceeding strict AKC requirements, Maia removes the fear of choosing an inferior breeder when you are ready to add a new member to your family.
A visit to Maia's facility (which she encourages) will leave you confident that you have chosen the ideel breeder. Not only are her puppies healthy and well-socialized, they even know their name (the one you've chosen) by the time you pick them up!"

Carrie Smith

After many months of researching the French Bulldog breed and contacting several breeders around the country, we stumbled on an internet posting right in our own back yard - "Maia's Mini Supremes". Boy are we thrilled that we did!! OMG what a positive experience! From the time we made our first contact with Maia, we have been enamored with her and the way she conducts her business. We received pictures, videos, e-mails and phone calls from Maia throughout the process. We had done our research and Maia is at the top of our list! She turned two prospective clients down for the puppy we chose because she did not feel that they were the right fit. She is very concerned about finding the right homes for her puppies. She delivered our bundle of joy to us in perfect health with all medical records. She was well adjusted, happy puppy. Maia did an excellent job developing her personality. Her after sale follow up has been impeccible. If we were in the market for another Frenchie, Maia would be our only choice!
Michael and Jeannette Santoro
La Center, Washington

Michael and Jeannette Santoro

Hi my name is Melanie, and I got my little angel from Maia. I found her (Maia) on the internet . I had already found a breeder that I was going to use, but I thought I would give Maia a call just to make sure I covered all my bases. Boy am I glad that I made that call. She was so kind and understanding (we have an older dog who is sick, we were trying to make up our minds on whether to bring in another dog.) any way we talked for some time, as she was getting a feel for me I too was getting a feel for her. ( We both passed!!) I got a Teddy bear , and boy do we love her. Maia took the time to respond to my emails ( I'm sure I drove her crazy) she sent me pictures and videos. I would watch them over and over. When we picked up our little one she was very professional had all the paper work in order, shots, vet, every thing. I will with no problem recommend her to you are anyone. I still email her with problems(how to stop biting, how much food to feed her, ) and she gets back to me. She told me she would be available for me for the life of my baby, that could be 13 to 16 years, and I believe her. Thank you Maia for my baby, you may hear from me in a few more years for another dog. Melanie

Melanie Nielsen

Our puppy is now five months old and we just love his so much! He is so cute and has such a wonderful personality. We have had comments from both the vet and groomer on what a beautiful dog he is going to be. The vet has also commented that his markings are wonderful.
I am happy to have come across Maia when wanting to add a Maltese puppy to our family. She is very nice and easy to do business with. Her facility is very clean and you can tell she really cares about the dogs. I enjoyed meeting her and if I was to get another puppy, I would definitely go to her again.

Tanya Andersen

Last year, I found Maia on the internet while looking for a maltese puppy. We had an 11 year old Maltese, Tucker, who had just lost his pal, Molly (an 18 year old rescue dog). He had gone into a depression and after excluding any physical problems, it was suggested we find him another little pal. We drove the 6 hours down to Maia's home and picked up the cutest little puppy, which we named Cooper. Tucker and Cooper did become play pals for a while until Tucker's health deteriorated. We lost Tucker a few weeks ago and we now have our little Cooper missing his pal so...here we are again.....looking for another little doggie to bring home and of course, we contacted Maia. This time, we are getting a little Teddy Bear which Maia has sent us pictures of and we are really looking forward to picking him up and bringing him home. Cooper is a wonderful little character and we are quite confident that our new little guy is going to be as fun and loving as Cooper is. Maia is so helpful - answered so many questions when we were in the process of finding Cooper and she has again, been helpful to us in acquiring another wonderful addition to our family. Thank you, Maia!

Maia, I can't even begin to describe these two little guys to you. What a hoot. They are joined at the hip; where one is, the other one is there too. They play for hours. They run in and out their doggie door all day, chasing each other. They run holding the same toy together. The second picture is hilarious...looks like Remy is chewing on Coopers foot and enjoying every minute. We never get tired of watching these two characters together. We cant believe how fortunate we are to have found you and found these two little guys. We couldn't have asked for two sweeter dogs! Thank you! Hope all is well and you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lynda

Lynda Schroeder

We picked up Bubba when we really needed him! We suffered a recent loss our other beloved Maltese but we were so blessed to find Bubba, Maia and her gang. We were very impressed with her "home" and her "family" and feel very confident we got ourselves a perfect PUP! After a well worth it trip to Maia's sweet Eastern Oregon town Bubba has made himself right at home here. We are so happy with our little guy and feel it was meant to be, to have him in our lives now. He is more than we could have ever hoped for and look forward to many long years of companionship. Thank you, Maia and your lovely family for our Bubba, we hope you come to our neck of the woods some time and pay a visit, he and we will look forward to seeing you! D and J

Jody and Doug Heydon Olympic Peninsula

First I would like to say that Maia is an amazing breeder. But she is so much more than that. She is well educated on the care of the puppies, and truly cares for their well being. We first purchased our female maltese, Chloe, almost 3 years ago. We loved Chloe's personality, temperament, and character so much, that we decide she needed a playmate. We purchased Jasper just over a year ago, from Maia, and he is just as perfect as Chloe. They were well adapted to being around us, they love to be loved and to play. Maia really does breed amazing puppies. We couldn't picture our lives without them. Another thing that is wonderful about Maia is that she is always willing be give advice for first time, even multiple dog type owners. We even wanted to meet Jasper before we got him, and she was more than willing to let us come out to her home and meet the puppies, the parents and all her other amazingly well loved dogs. Chloe even got to join us and play with the dogs! She even sends pictures upon request. Maia has changed our lives for the better buy breeding such amazing dogs that have been added to our family. I will and have recommended her to many people. We will do business with her again!

Heather Hardcastle Forest Grove, Oregon

We found Maia, through the AKC website, and at the time we were in contact with other breeders as well. As soon as we got to speak with Maia we knew that she was who we would buy our sweet french bulldog puppy from. We got Musto in June of 2014, and are getting a sister, Little Miss, in mid December. We LOVE Maia. She does such a wonderful job carefully breading dogs, and then does an incredible job helping new french bulldog owners. We consider Musto to be our son, and we couldn't be any happier. Thank you Maia!!

Natalie and Aaron Mowrer WILSONVILLE,OR


Jody and Doug Heydon Olympic Peninsula

We picked up Bubba when we really needed him! We suffered a recent loss our other beloved Maltese but we were so blessed to find Bubba, Maia and her gang. We were very impressed with her "home" and her "family" and feel very confident we got ourselves a perfect PUP! After a well worth it trip to Maia's sweet Eastern Oregon town Bubba has made himself right at home here. We are so happy with our little guy and feel it was meant to be, to have him in our lives now. He is more than we could have ever hoped for and look forward to many long years of companionship. Thank you, Maia and your lovely family for our Bubba, we hope you come to our neck of the woods some time and pay a visit, he and we will look forward to seeing you! D and J

Jody and Doug Heydon Olympic Peninsula

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